Teledyne FLIR launches Neutrino LC CZ 15-300 IR Camera

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Teledyne Technologies, has announced the release of the Neutrino LC CZ 15-300, the latest Neutrino IS series model of mid-wavelength infrared (MWIR) camera modules with integrated continuous zoom (CZ) lenses. Designed for integrated solutions requiring crisp, long range, SD or HD MWIR imaging, the ITAR-free Neutrino IS series offers size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP+C) benefits to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and system integrators for airborne, unmanned, C-UAS, security, ISR, and targeting applications.

“The Neutrino IS series portfolio and our ability to combine our off-the-shelf MWIR cameras and lenses provide integrators faster time to market, superior performance, and lower cost,” said Dan Walker, vice president of product management, Teledyne FLIR. “This model launch demonstrates our rapid integration capability from a single supplier, taking what once required multiple suppliers and more than two years to complete.”

Based on Teledyne FLIR HOT FPA technology, the Neutrino LC CZ 15-300 offers high performance, 640×512 HD MWIR imagery and 15 mm to 300 mm CZ capability for ruggedized products requiring long life, low power consumption, and quiet, low vibration operation.

All Neutrino IS products include a Teledyne FLIR CZ lens integrated with a Neutrino SWaP Series camera module (VGA or SXGA). The camera module and lens are designed for each other, providing optimal performance. Teledyne FLIR also provides highly-qualified technical services teams for integration support and expertise throughout the development and design cycle.


NYPD to purchase two Subaru Bell 412EPXs

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Bell have announced that the New York Police Department’s Aviation Unit signed for two Subaru Bell 412EPX helicopters optimized for Search and Rescue (SAR) operations.  

The two aircraft will be the ninth Bell model to be flown by the NYPD. Compared with the straight 412 the Subaru variant has an increased internal weight up to 12,200lbs, external payload is up to 13,000lbs. In addition, the mast and main rotor gear box are updated giving an 11% mast torque output increase and 30-minute run dry time of 30 minutes respectively.
Commenting on the announcement NYPD Deputy Inspector Louis Soviero, commanding officer of the Aviation Unit said “The New York City Police Department is exceptionally pleased to add these high-quality aircraft to our fleet. As one of the first airborne law enforcement divisions in the world, the NYPD’s Aviation Unit performs air/sea search-and-rescue missions, tactical support, port security, counterterror operations, patrol functions, and more. This critical work deeply depends on the performance and reliability of our aircraft – and the NYPD is fully confident that today’s additions will improve our fleet and enhance our public-safety mission.”


Bristow awarded second-generation SAR contract by UK’s MCA

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The three S-92s and nine AW189s will be joined by six AW139s in the UKSAR2G contract.

Bristow Helicopters has been awarded a 10-year contract to provide the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) with “Second Generation Search and Rescue Aviation (UKSAR2G). The contract worth a reported GBP 1.6bn calls for the company together with partners 2Excel Aviation and Nova Systems to provide both rotary and fixed wing as well as UAS operations to HM Coastguard (HMCG).  Under the terms of UKSAR2G the partners will initially provide rotary wing assets made up of the existing fleet of three S-92s and nine AW189s these will be augmented by a further six AW139s. In addition to the existing 10 24/7 bases, two further seasonal bases, in Carlisle and Fort William will be opened operating 12 hours a day. The contract also calls for six Beech King Airs and a single deployable Schiebel CAMCOPTER S-100 UAS.

Besides the airborne assets Bristow will also provide a new search and rescue helicopter simulation training facility at Solent Airport next to the Coastguard Training Facility, which will house a synthetic rescue hoist and helicopter suspended over a large training pool. “We are very pleased with the MCA’s trust in Bristow to continue to provide safe and reliable search and rescue services with our crews to help save lives throughout the United Kingdom,” said Bristow President and CEO Chris Bradshaw. “Through this new, innovative contract, Bristow and our partners will increase efficiencies and innovations as well as establish additional seasonal bases to further expand our service.”

FIA 2022 News – Smith Myers debut for new products at show

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Smith Myers have added a number products to its line up of SAR detect and find system which effectively turns mobile phones into ELTs. The ARTEMIS turns any mobile phone into a rescue beacon, only requiring two small antennas to generate a latitude/longitude fix at ranges in excess of 30 km, offering a radical and effective alternative to traditional airborne sensors and direction-finding systems.

The new products are the T-A which merges mobile phone detection, location and communication along with dual band maritime AIS and COSPAS SARSAT in a single 4.2Kg unit.  Nathan Herbert, Senior Development and Integration Engineer says “incorporating all these capabilities into a single unit was an obvious evolution of the Artemis product range. The ability to directly detect and locate Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons and Personal Locator Beacons (COSPAS SARSAT) while simultaneously performing the same actions with mobile phones will be invaluable on Search & Rescue or Disaster Relief Missions. Additionally, the fusion of cellular and AIS sensor data in a single user interface/analysis tool opens the path to more effective and efficient maritime patrol operations whilst reducing operator workload”.

Meanwhile, the T-U will offer the same cellular capability as the T-A but in a small 1.4kg package making ideal for medium or large UAS. Although since it is fully RTCA compliant it can be fitted in manned aircraft as well.

FIA 2022 News – Nova Systems to deliver mission system technologies for Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard

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Nova Systems have announced that it will be partnering with Bristow Group to provide a “next generation mission system” for the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard AW139s which provide SAR coverage in the Netherlands Antilles. Nova Systems say the strength of the system architecture of its airborne mission solution is that it is “OEM and equipment agnostic” and thus able to utilise “the best equipment available in the market is selected to create solutions that are customised to meet the operators’ unique mission and support requirements while keeping the solution low risk”. Commenting on the announcement Gareth Dyer, Nova Systems International Managing Director, said. “This collaboration creates a foundation for high performance and success, providing the DCCG with the most advanced tools to deliver maritime safety and security. Bristow is a global leader in rotary wing SAR services, while Nova Systems is a leading provider of engineering services and technology solutions, creating an ideal partnership”.

Bristow SAR team members honoured

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UK Aviation & Maritime Minister Robert Courts MP  presented the Air League’s Billy Deacon SAR Memorial Trophy to three of HM Coastguard’s search and rescue crew in the UK, recognising their outstanding performance in dangerous circumstances in 2020-21.
Winch paramedics Abi Wild and Niall Hanson, and winch operator Ginge Steabler, were presented with the memorial trophy, and an inscribed Breitling watch, at the Air League’s Honours and Awards Reception Ceremony at the House of Commons, London.
The 2022 award was made to winch paramedic Abi Wild who, at considerable personal risk, was winched onboard a stricken vessel being pounded by breaking waves on rocks close to Salcombe Harbour on 7 August 2021. Abi was on duty with the HM Coastguard helicopter at Newquay when it was tasked with rescuing the crew of the yacht, which was being rapidly broken apart.  Winch paramedic Niall Hanson and winch operator Ginge Steabler received the 2020 award following their work to recover two people from the water in hazardous conditions on the south-west coast during the summer of 2020.
Commenting Mr. Courts said: “Abi, Niall, and Ginge epitomise the spirit of the maritime sector, and their bravery is an inspiration to us all. They were able to save lives because of their rapid thinking and actions during dangerous events which risked their own lives. It is a tremendous honour to present the Billy Deacon Award to them – it is truly well-deserved and a reflection of their dedication and commitment to the service.”