Teledyne FLIR launches Neutrino LC CZ 15-300 IR Camera

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Teledyne Technologies, has announced the release of the Neutrino LC CZ 15-300, the latest Neutrino IS series model of mid-wavelength infrared (MWIR) camera modules with integrated continuous zoom (CZ) lenses. Designed for integrated solutions requiring crisp, long range, SD or HD MWIR imaging, the ITAR-free Neutrino IS series offers size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP+C) benefits to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and system integrators for airborne, unmanned, C-UAS, security, ISR, and targeting applications.

“The Neutrino IS series portfolio and our ability to combine our off-the-shelf MWIR cameras and lenses provide integrators faster time to market, superior performance, and lower cost,” said Dan Walker, vice president of product management, Teledyne FLIR. “This model launch demonstrates our rapid integration capability from a single supplier, taking what once required multiple suppliers and more than two years to complete.”

Based on Teledyne FLIR HOT FPA technology, the Neutrino LC CZ 15-300 offers high performance, 640×512 HD MWIR imagery and 15 mm to 300 mm CZ capability for ruggedized products requiring long life, low power consumption, and quiet, low vibration operation.

All Neutrino IS products include a Teledyne FLIR CZ lens integrated with a Neutrino SWaP Series camera module (VGA or SXGA). The camera module and lens are designed for each other, providing optimal performance. Teledyne FLIR also provides highly-qualified technical services teams for integration support and expertise throughout the development and design cycle.


HTM Group takes over maintenance of Bundespolitzei EC155 fleet

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HTM has been awarded a contract to support the Bundespolizei (German Federal Police) through an MRO contract. The contract will see HTM Group company Intercopter take over the maintenance and repair of the 19 aircraft strong Bundespolizei EC155 fleet. While the majority of the work will be carried out by Intercopter at its Taufkirchen site near Munich, sister company, Advanced Aerospace Developments GmbH (AAD), may also provide services in modifications and integrations

PAC complete Bell 505 for Ohio Department of Natural Resources

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PAC International recently completed a new Bell 505 for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife. The new aircraft will provide enhanced support to the wildlife management and law enforcement operations of the Division of Wildlife.

The aircraft features a factory G1000 integrated avionics suite, GTX345R ADS-B In and Out, GTR225B VHF Communication, GRA55 radar altimeter system, and USB power ports.  Additional features include a cargo hook system with external mirror and load weighing system, wire strike protection, crew slider windows, automatic door openers, high skid gear with full length flight steps and heavy-duty skid shoes, bear paws, air conditioning, a cabin heater, and custom paint.

“With the recent purchase of the Bell 505 helicopter, the Division of Wildlife can continue to responsibly monitor Ohio’s incredible diversity of wildlife species and their habitats,” said Division of Wildlife Assistant Chief Pete Novotny.  “Aerial work has been a crucial factor in conserving and improving wildlife resources over the last few decades and will continue to shape the Division of Wildlife’s work for decades to come.”

Updated 407 for Michigan State Police
In addition to the new aircraft fit out PAC also recently upgraded a Bell 407 to GXi standard for Michigan State Police with an Aeronautical Accessories/Garmin G1000 NXi retrofit kit. In addition the upgrade package included an Aeronautical Accessories enlarged instrument panel and Genesys Aerosystems HeliSAS autopilot system. Upgrades to the original mission suite included Wulfsberg & Motorola tactical radios, Shotover ARS700 mapping system, and Airborne displays.

Volusia Sheriff order special mission 407GXis

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Bell have announced that the Aviation unit of Florida’s Volusia County Sheriff Department has placed and order for two its 407GXi helicopters configured to for multi- mission special operations. The order will increase the Department’s Air One 407 fleet to five aircraft.

“For more than 20 years, Air One has relied on the Bell 407 to complete life-saving missions in Volusia and other neighboring counties,” said Captain Richard Fortin, Special Services Law Enforcement Operations Division, Volusia Sheriff’s Office. “The Bell 407GXi was Air One’s choice aircraft when looking at growing our fleet and expanding our mission efficiency.”

Florida Wildlife Commission sign for two Bell 505s

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), which provides patrol and investigative law enforcement services covering 8,400 miles of coastline and a further 13,200 square miles of offshore waters, has placed an order for two Bell 505s.

The two new helicopters will join the FWC’s existing fleet of nine helicopters (two UH-1s and seven 206/OH58s)


Virginia State Police MedFlight reducing hours due to pilot shortage

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The pilot shortage is beginning to bite forcing Virginia State Police to cut back operating hours due to a shortfall in pilot numbers. The operational hours for the VSP’s MedFlight service will be reduced from 24hr to 16hrs per day between the hours of 8 am to midnight.

The State Police say four pilot positions remain open at the base despite a relatively low experience requirement – According to the state’s recruitment page they require a minimum of FAA CPL(H) with 500 hours total time (with 200 hours turbine and 50 night as pilot in command) for candidates, this compares with more typical new hire experience where 4-5,000 hours is the norm.

NYPD to purchase two Subaru Bell 412EPXs

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Bell have announced that the New York Police Department’s Aviation Unit signed for two Subaru Bell 412EPX helicopters optimized for Search and Rescue (SAR) operations.  

The two aircraft will be the ninth Bell model to be flown by the NYPD. Compared with the straight 412 the Subaru variant has an increased internal weight up to 12,200lbs, external payload is up to 13,000lbs. In addition, the mast and main rotor gear box are updated giving an 11% mast torque output increase and 30-minute run dry time of 30 minutes respectively.
Commenting on the announcement NYPD Deputy Inspector Louis Soviero, commanding officer of the Aviation Unit said “The New York City Police Department is exceptionally pleased to add these high-quality aircraft to our fleet. As one of the first airborne law enforcement divisions in the world, the NYPD’s Aviation Unit performs air/sea search-and-rescue missions, tactical support, port security, counterterror operations, patrol functions, and more. This critical work deeply depends on the performance and reliability of our aircraft – and the NYPD is fully confident that today’s additions will improve our fleet and enhance our public-safety mission.”


Rhineland-Palatinate Police order two H145s

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The Ministry of Interior of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate has ordered two five-bladed Airbus H145s for its police force, following a European tender launched earlier this year. The helicopters will replace the state’s current H135 fleet. The new aircraft will be the five bladed bearing less rotor system first revealed at 2019’s Heli Expo which boosts the payload by 150Kg, while at the same time, reducing maintenance and improving ride comfort. The first delivery is planned for Q1 2024.
“We’d like to thank the Rhineland-Palatinate government for its continued trust in our helicopters”, says Wolfgang Schoder, Managing Director of Airbus Helicopters in Germany. “These five-bladed H145s will be outfitted with highly sophisticated equipment in order to further enhance the mission capabilities of the police force. We have seen with the flooding last year that law enforcement operators need to be able to rely on helicopters that can perform these demanding and essential missions and the H145 does just that.”

According to Airbus, there are over 1,500 H145 family helicopters in service worldwide, 200 of which are deployed on police and parapublic missions.

Wysong delivers Bell 407GXi to Clayton County Police

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Wysong Enterprises have announced that they have completed systems integration on a new Bell 407GXi helicopter for the Clayton County Police Department’s Aviation Unit. The aircraft was customized in collaboration with Clayton County personnel and Wysong Enterprises technical staff.
The aircraft delivered was completed with Wescam MX-10 Sensor System, Troll Downlink, Churchill ARS700, Luminator Orion Searchlight, Genesys Autopilot, Rhoteta radio surveillance system, Aircomm AC and Heater system, AeroDynamix NVG Modifications, AEM Loud Hailer, Donaldson inlet barrier filter, Macro-Blue Display, various Garmin and PS Engineering mission capable systems  and various AAI upgrades including new tinted windows, high visibility doors, polycarbonate windshields, sliding rear door kits, rappelling fixtures, and law enforcement instrument panel to name a few of the upgrades. “It was a great pleasure and exciting opportunity to work with the team at Clayton County” said Wysong’s Director of Operations Paul Schreuder. “It is always rewarding to have a customer trust our team with their completion or upgrade and being able to deliver on budget allowed the department to get the most out of their aircraft. We really appreciate the trust that Clayton County put in us and are thrilled to deliver on their expectations.
Todd Reese serves as Clayton County’s Director of Maintenance. “The Clayton County Police Department has operated Bell aircraft for more than 25 years. The addition of this new Bell 407 GXi to our current fleet will add more capabilities than we ever had before and will carry the Clayton County Police Aviation Unit another 25 plus years. Wysong’s team helped to simplify a very complex police capable helicopter completion. They easily met the intended delivery time and always made sure we had an open line of communication that ensured we were all on the same page,” said Reese.

Having completed the 407 GXi Wysong is upgrading the county’s Bell 206 .