CHC has revealed that following a successful test programme using the Priority 1 Air Rescue virtual reality (VR) training system for winch operators, it will roll out the technology across its operations.

The trial programme, which concluded recently, was carried out by the team members from its Irish operation. According to CHC, the motivation for the trial was so that its crews could “prepare and practice emergency procedures for a variety of challenging SAR events in a safe, controlled and realistic environment, including procedures that couldn’t be practised in a live aircraft”. The VR system, which has garnered approvals from both EASA and the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), allows crews to complete SAR-based training scenarios and those representative of the emerging offshore wind support market.

Commenting on the announcement, Dennis Groeneveld, Director Flight Standards, CHC, said: “Safety is at the heart of CHC’s global operations. Our mission is to keep our people and passengers safe as we travel to remote and challenging destinations. We are delighted with how the trial performed and are excited to roll the programme out more widely… This ground-breaking partnership with Priority 1 allows our crew members to repeatedly practice managing complex situations in a realistic but safe environment, ensuring they are fully equipped to act quickly and effectively in real-world SAR events.”


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