The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has published its 2023-40 Airspace Modernisation Plan. A refresh of the initiative first begun in 2018, the process is set out in three parts: Part 1 sets out the strategic aims of the plan, Part 2 will define the delivery elements, and the final part will detail the critical implementation phase. Those with experience of interaction with the CAA will not be surprised that the regulator has yet to define the timeline for the core Part 3. A lead element of the project is a redesign of the UK’s lower airspace, which is vital if concepts like UAM/AAM and beyond-line-of-sight UAV operations are to realise their potential.

Speaking about the publication, Tim Johnson, CAA Director of Strategy & Policy, said: “The strategic vision set out in our refreshed strategy gives us a direction of travel that guides airspace modernisation. It will help make our airspace more environmentally friendly and sustainable, and deliver the many benefits of airspace modernisation. Alongside existing users of airspace like commercial air transport, business aviation, recreational flyers and the military, there are new parts of the sector which need to be integrated safely into our existing airspace network. Our strategy enables these different groups to use airspace alongside each other and is a fundamental principle of the strategy.”

To access the published documentation, click HERE

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