PhilJets signed an SBH contract with Safran on behalf of a private customer who will take delivery of the first ACH160 in SE Asia. Photo: Airbus

PhilJets and Safran Helicopter Engines have signed a support-by-the-hour (SBH) contract for the Arrano engine, with the first Arrano-powered Airbus H160 in Southeast Asia set for delivery to a private undisclosed customer.

PhilJets is the certified distributor centre for Safran in the Philippines, with the two companies working together for the last three years. The partners are supporting a growing fleet of more than 100 helicopters flying in the country, with 13 engines covered under SBH contracts.

The partnership aims to enhance the operational availability of helicopters in the Philippines, where PhilJets has been operating for 11 years. PhilJets manages the contract locally and receives support from Safran Helicopter Engines’ regional office in Singapore.

The SBH contract formalises a long-term MRO and services agreement supporting two Arrano 1A engines, making it the first SBH contract signed for the Arrano in the Southeast Asia region.

The SBH programme provides predictable engine operating costs, eliminates cash peaks, and offers flexibility for scheduled and unscheduled MRO coverage. The programme also integrates digital services, including engine health monitoring, Expert Link, and Online SBH. SBH is part of EngineLife Services, Safran’s range of solutions for helicopter engines.

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