MD Helicopters (MDH) has announced a significant contract signed with an undisclosed Middle Eastern customer to provide six Cayuse Warrior Plus Attack/Scout aircraft and six MD 530F glass cockpit upgrades. The 12 aircraft will support counter-insurgency and counter-terror operations with area security, tactical reconnaissance, convoy escort, and drug interdiction missions throughout the country. The Armed MD 530F aircraft will receive glass cockpit upgrades at MD Helicopters in Mesa, Arizona.

“We are honoured for the trust allied forces have put in us to provide safe, reliable assets for their security missions,” says MD Helicopters President and CEO Brad Pederson. “We are excited to showcase the capabilities of this purpose-built, best-value solution.”

The deal includes a complete logistics package, including initial provisions, spares, and pilot and maintainer training. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2024, with all 12 aircraft to be delivered before year-end.

Clearly, the announcement will have implications for MD 530F lead times since the Cayuse Warrior and civil MD 530F share the same production line. That said, any increase may be offset by the company’s intention to substantially increase production rates next year, revealed to RotorHub International by Pedersen earlier this year.

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