UK-headquartered aviation services provider Gama Aviation is looking to get more air ambulance business in the UK by introducing a new service specifically aimed at the motorsport, events and film/TV industries.

Gama is offering to provide fully crewed turnkey helicopter emergency services for situations that require additional medical infrastructure to support a specific safety case or insurance requirement. A variety of options are available to potential customers, depending on the location of the event and the level of medical support required.

The ‘HEMS for hire’ service will utilise one of Gama’s Airbus H145 D2 aircraft. The operator introduced three new H145s in 2020, with two earmarked for a Scottish Ambulance Service contract that commenced in June of that year.

For Gama’s new service, the third aircraft (G-GMAH), which is equipped for day and night operations, will fly under a single pilot and technical crew member model with the medical team being allocated according to the required mission type.

Dr Simon Forrington, medical director for Gama Aviation’s Special Mission division, commented: “Scotland and the north of England contain stunning scenery which has long attracted TV and film makers from around the world and, in turn, this has brought new extreme sporting events to those locations. These events require a strong on-site medical team with appropriate medevac resources that can be tailored to satisfy each event’s medical safety and risk obligations. With our capability, we can offer both.”

Mark Smith, managing director for Gama Aviation Special Mission, said: “We have air ambulance locations in the north and south of the country, allowing us to provide coverage across the UK. The ‘HEMS for hire’ service is ideally suited for motorsport and film/TV locations that may require immediate medevac assistance. Given NHS resources are often operating at near peak capacity, I don’t think any insurer or organiser should necessarily think that local resources will be able to fulfil a medical mission requirement at the drop of a hat.”

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