The installation of the Emergency Floatation System on Ansat helicopter has been certified by the Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsiya.

The system is designed to aid emergency water landing and is used to save lives of both crew and passengers. By installing the Emergency Floatation System, helicopters will be capable to fly at a considerable distance from the coast and benefit search and rescue operations. However, it remains optional to add it or not.

It was tested at the flight and test complex of Kazan Helicopters, assessing different factors of the helicopter performance, efficiency and success. Tests focused on its operation with packed and filled ballonets, on the ground, life raft activation and emergency exit procedures.

Ansat received certification of the reduction in airworthiness limitations of its main parts which results in a reduced cost to replace the parts and in helicopter maintenance.

“I would like to emphasise that due to this system, Ansat helicopter provides for safe evacuation of passengers and the crew to life rafts in case of ditching,” stated Managing Director of Kazan Helicopters, Yuri Pustovgarov.

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