LifeNet New York invests US$31 million in aircraft and equipment upgrades

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LifeNet of New York, a subsidiary of Air Methods, has invested over USD 31 million to “update and expand the company’s air medical services in the state of New York”.  The key driver in the upgrade programme, which included new IV pumps as well as ventilators was the ability to carry blood products on ninet of LifeNet NY’s 12 strong fleet (six H130s, two H135s and a H145 – another 145 and a PC-12 had already been upgraded).

Surprisingly, NY State law forbade the carriage of blood and blood products by air until December of last year.  “The people of New York deserve access to the best healthcare services available and this is what they are getting,” said Director of Sales Aidan O’Connor. “This monumental investment gives us larger aircraft which allows us to safely transport more patient populations and more lifesaving equipment. We also recognize that during these flights the ability to take a loved one alongside the patient will help the patient journey through the healthcare system and healing process”.


Air Methods expand AirLife Utah operations

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AirLife Utah has opened a new base at Timpanogos Regional Hospital , offering quicker response times for emergent and trauma situations as well as inter-facility transports for patients needing to move between hospitals for specialised care.

The new base in Orem adds to the AirLife Utah program already established in Ogden, UT and is part of Air Methods, the largest provider of air medical services in the United States. The base  south of Salt Lake City, is around 80 miles from the Ogden base.  AirLife Utah will base an Airbus AS350 because of it hot and high performance vital in Utah’s climate and terrain. The aircraft will also be able to carry blood in flight and offer specialised paediatric and obstetrics patient care.
As a community-based program, the crew members are local residents with long-standing knowledge of the Orem area. They know the people, the hospitals, and the terrain and are ready to serve the community.   “Because this area is their home, our flight crews have a vested interest in the health and welfare of their neighbors, friends, and families,” said James Vanotti, flight nurse. “Their knowledge of the area allows them to provide expedited top-tier critical care.”

LifeStar opens HEMS base to serve southern Georgia

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Air Methods subsidiary LifeStar Georgia has opened a new base to serve the southern part of the US state. The base will be home to a Bell 407 fstaffed by a permanent crew of flight and medical staff. The base’s clinicians will also be trained and equipped for paediatric intensive care transport. “We will be able to facilitate air medical transports for trauma, STEMI, stroke, LVAD and ventilator patients to Level 1 or 2 trauma facilities or other tertiary care facilities,” said Jason Bober, Area Manager with Air Methods.

Crystal Hensler, EMS Director with the Liberty County Board of Commissioners added: “Liberty County is excited to have this beneficial resource within our community. Air medical transportation is vital to our emergency missions. We are grateful to have LifeStar 2 with enhanced specialized medical care for critically injured or ill patients.”

Airlift Texas expands Rio Grande Valley operations with a new base

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Air medical service provider Air Methods have announced the opening of a new base in Weslaco’s Mid Valley Airport for its Airlift Texas HEMS service , which, the company says, will result in faster response times to cases as well as providing inter facility transport for patients requiring specialist care across the Rio Grande valley.

The base opening will be phased with daylight operations only for the first few weeks of operation to allow the crews to build up knowledge of the terrain and challenges of the new area of operations. Meanwhile, base operations staff will use the time to ensure ground operations are operating smoothly.
“Safety is our top priority, and we will always choose safety for everyone on board the aircraft over any business benefit.” said Brandon Ryan, Senior Strategic Solutions Executive from Air Methods. “While you’ll only see us during the day for these first two weeks, rest assured that we are taking the safety-first approach to build the foundation that will allow us to serve this community for many years to come.” Airlift Texas plans to have its Weslaco based Airbus EC130 operating a round the clock operation by the end of June. “We established this base due to the growing need for an air medical base in the Rio Grande Valley to better serve the entire region,” said Kelly Shepherd, Regional Sales Director of Air Methods. “At a time when more than 85 million Americans live more than an hour’s drive from Level I or II trauma centres, there is an increasing demand for air medical services to ensure that patients have access to necessary care centres.”

The fully fitted EC130 will also be stocked with blood giving the aircraft an in-flight transfusion capability. “Having access to blood in-flight is such a valuable resource in our community,” said Shepherd. “With this tool, patients have the potential for better outcomes, particularly when AirLift Texas is serving individuals in rural areas who rely on air transport to quickly get them to the emergency care they need. Administration of blood, combined with rapid air transport, can truly help critically ill or injured patients who otherwise might not survive.”