Supernal, the eVTOL development arm of Hyundai Motor Group, has opened a policy and commercial operations hub in Washington, D.C. The second of three facilities the company is opening in the US this year, it follows the engineering headquarters in Irvine, California. Later in the year, it will be followed by a research and development facility near Silicon Valley, California.

The new office is at 16th and L streets, three blocks from the White House and in the heart of Washington’s ‘lobby district’. When construction is complete later in the year, it will cover 28,000 sq ft and include a 5,000 sq ft innovation centre. Currently, the office is home to 60 employees who are expected to be joined by another 20 new hires this year. Overall the company says its headcount will be “over 500” by year-end.

Commenting on the opening, Hyundai Motor Group President Jaiwon Shin said, “The decision to open a three-story office in downtown Washington, D.C. reflects Supernal’s earnest commitment to serving as an industry resource to regulators and policymakers as they shape AAM [Advanced Air Mobility].”


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