SPAES joined forces with Swiss Rotor services to develop and promote the Maximum Pilot View Kit (MPVK) which, as its name implies is designed to give pilots an uninterrupted field of view below and to the right of the aircraft.As a result of the project SPAES has been granted the STC for the modification on Airbus H125/AS350 helicopters and will ensure continued airworthiness in future projects for the installation of an MPVK.

The modification calls for a single piece bubble door to be fitted to the aircraft. This gives pilots improved headroom, even when wearing a helmet the improved space combined with a  large lower viewing aperture and transparent fuselage windows fairing dramatically increases the field of view forward, aft and directly under the aircraft.

Clearly such an improvement, a tenfold one compared with alternative solutions according to SPAES, will enhance safety for both pilots and ground crews in a variety of mission profiles. “We are pleased to start this cooperation with Swiss Rotor Services and further promote the MPVK among H125 operators. With many years in the integration of mission equipment, we can see the MPVK becoming a must for any mission purpose. That’s what SPAES is about: Delivering the right equipment to make any mission successful.”, said Joachim Schanz, CEO of SPAES.

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