Southeast Aerospace has been granted FAA STC approval for its Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) operator station in Bell 407s. The company says the TFO station will give airborne Law Enforcement operators a quick and cost-effective option which provides mounting provisions for  video monitors, communication control panels, and recording equipment which can be installed according to operator needs.

The standard configuration provides provisions for two Macro-Blue MB15W 15-inch tactical displays. The two identical monitor frames are independently adjustable. In addition, each monitor pivots at the centre of the assembly allowing the monitors to be independently rotated towards the operator, up to a maximum of 20° and locked in place.

The mission panel includes provisions for DZUS-mounted equipment as well as a dedicated panel for circuit breakers, switches and maintenance ports. In addition, it is equipped with a fold-down keyboard tray, installed on the left side of the operator station, which can be securely folded up and stowed with a quarter-turn latch for taxi, takeoff, and landing operations.


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