San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has ordered a SUBARU BELL 412EPX for its Emergency Operations Division. The Emergency Operations Division will utilise the SUBARU BELL 412EPX for critical missions in San Bernardino as well as provide mutual aid assistance to neighbouring counties in Southern California. “This will be the fourth Bell aircraft operated by San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department,” said Lane Evans, managing director, North America. “The SUBARU BELL 412EPX is the most technologically advanced and capable variant of the renowned Bell 412 platform, and it will be pivotal to providing emergency response to a heavily populated and challenging environment.”

Founded in 1972, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Aviation Unit’s soon to be 12 aircraft helicopter fleet began its operations with two Bell 47G helicopters. In additional to general law enforcement support, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Aviation Unit also aids in personnel/cargo transport, airborne photography, search and rescue operations, wildland fire suppression and emergency medical transport services.

“As the lead aerial law enforcement agency for San Bernardino County, it’s critical to have the most reliable aircraft,” Daniel Futscher, Lieutenant, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, Emergency Operations Division. “The topography and vastness of San Bernardino and the neighboring counties we serve can be a challenge, and we are eager to utilize the SUBARU Bell 412EPX to combat those challenges.”


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