The partnership between Reiser Simulation and Training and DRF Luftrettung is working hard to create the what it calls ‘the world’s most modern training device for rescue hoist training . Drawing on Reiser’s expertise in developing complex and realistic simulation equipment and adding to the mix, DRF Luftrettung’s years of experience in air and hoist rescue operations to create the new device. “The real world and the virtual world are merging,” Martin Keil, Technical Director at Reiser, explains. “This provides us with the highest level of realistic training, because hand movements and operational procedures can be trained as they have to be mastered on the real helicopter.”

By means of augmented reality, the hoist operator is not only able to see the helicopter fuselage but also the outside view through the visual system. In combination with a movement system and the physical and thus tangible winch cable, the training situations are perceived as entirely authentic.

An exciting element of the new system will be the ability to pair the winch simulation with a cockpit simulator for ‘whole crew training’ even more impressive will be the ability to link a number of simulators to together “We will be able to map Multi-Ship missions. Connecting a Full Flight Simulator with an HHO simulator will not be the only option. In the future, it will also be possible to practise large-scale emergencies with several helicopters, including winch operations – i.e. also on a cross-organisational basis. The experience with disasters in recent years shows that there is a particular need for training here.” explains Keil.

The two partners are now looking forward to the upcoming second HHO Symposium (Helicopter Hoist Symposium) of the DRF Luftrettung on 7th and 8th September at the Operation Centre (OPC) at Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport. Here, results of the joint development will be presented for the first time. More information on the symposium is available at:

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