MD Helicopters (MDH) and Aerometals have announced that they have come to an agreement regarding a copyright infringement complaint filed in 2016. The resolution of the dispute was further complicated by multiple ownerships of MD Helicopters during a period between 2016-22 and the bankruptcy announcement in March of last year. As a result of the agreement, both parties are eager to move towards a relationship that will allow Aerometals to continue to manufacture parts in support of MDH. The settlement lays the groundwork for a partnership between MDH and Aerometals that promises competitive pricing for parts that will support ongoing aircraft production as well as fulfilling existing customer orders.

Commenting on the agreement Lorie Symon, CEO and President of Aerometals, said: “In working towards resolution of this issue, it became apparent that MDH and Aerometals could provide the best product and service to the MD Helicopter Operators by working together. Aerometals looks forward to this opportunity to collaborate with MDH.”

“MDH is pleased to resolve this issue with Aerometals and looks forward to re-establishing a collaborative working relationship,” added Brad Pedersen, President and CEO of MD Helicopters. “This is just one of many steps we’re taking to renew relationships with our suppliers and provide our customers with the quality parts and services that they expect and deserve.”

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