Leonardo UK’s helicopter test flight team continues to go from strength to strength with Kealey Judd joining the crew as a trainee flight test engineer. Judd has recently completed her first phase in qualifying as professional aircrew, a Certificate of Qualification on Type AW101 Flight Test Engineer (FTE) (Cabin) and will now progress through to Phase 2, which will include qualification to operate in the cockpit of the Leonardo AW101 helicopter, and then in the cabin and cockpit of other Leonardo helicopters. She joins Ben Standen and Joshua Sleeman who passed their qualifications at the beginning of the year. “I am now certified to go and work in the cabin of the AW101 helicopter on my own, it means I can supervise passengers, operate avionics and complete flight test tasks without supervision from a senior FTE. ” explained Judd.

 Judd is a graduate of Swansea University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering.  As part of her degree, she completed a year in industry at DSTL (UK MOD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) in its Helicopters Department, which sparked her interest in rotary-wing.  Kealey joined Leonardo’s Graduate Scheme in 2018. Choosing Leonardo for the next step in Kealey’s career was an easy choice with Leonardo as the UK’s only helicopter manufacturer.

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