An annual series which puts the latest developments across key sectors within the commercial and civil aviation industry under the microscope.

INFOCUS was developed in response to a call for a greater level of comment, analysis and review from audiences spanning the HMG Aerospace portfolio. By zeroing in on a single topic, our expert editorial team is able to deliver a product which delves deep beneath the headlines, offering key insights and intelligent predictions.

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While the global aviation community has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, the aviation industry remains resilient with safety and security at its core. And although COVID-19 continues to dominate all industry sectors, disease outbreaks aren’t the only risk impacting aviation.

Cyberattacks, mechanical faults, data breaches, disruptive passengers, geopolitical posturing and airspace protection are all factors that continually threaten to disrupt the aviation sector. However, despite these threats, stakeholders across the sector continue to adapt at pace to ensure that passenger confidence is restored and that aviation’s recovery is as strong, safe and secure as possible.

INFOCUS Safety & Security 2021 looks at how airlines, airports and the rotorcraft community, as well as suppliers and industry associations, are rising to these challenges by exploring different sectors including video surveillance, airspace protection, pilot training, baggage screening, cyber resilience, passenger wellbeing, airspace protection, cabin air quality and flight data monitoring.

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