Helitowcart has introduced a new ground handling solution for operators of Robinson R44 Clipper helicopters. The Canadian company’s Dual Clipper Wheels are designed to provide operators with a safe and practical way to move their aircraft on all surface types, including grass, gravel, dirt and asphalt.

The kit features dual 10-inch wheels which ensure the best weight distribution, while providing a 2.25-inch clearance under the skids. The wheels can be supplied with regular pneumatic, gel-filled or Helitowcart’s Easy Roll tyres. The telescopic, removeable handle makes it easy to store the equipment.

Max Perron Caissy, VP operational support for Helitowcart, said: “There was nothing on the market designed specifically for the R44 Clipper, and over the years we received many requests to develop a solution for this helicopter. Our customers come to us when they are looking for a better way to move their aircraft. Developing quality solutions is what makes Helitowcart the industry leader in helicopter moving solutions.”

Based in Levis, Quebec, Helitowcart has been designing and manufacturing innovative helicopter moving equipment for more than 20 years.

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