Speaking exclusively to RotorHub recently, the Helicopter Association International’s President and CEO Jim Viola talked about why international pan industry co-operation is vital and how events like EUROPEAN ROTORS are critical catalysts to make the co-operation a reality,  “If anything, the last few years have shown us that the vertical lift industry has a powerful role to play” he explains, “and we are in transition, there are new technologies in development but it’s all vertical lift no matter what the source of power to provide the lift is. We are still in the business of moving people from A to B safely”.

To ensure that the industry does continue to deliver on that promise Viola says that information sharing is a keystone element; “we have a wealth of information to share and getting to the people who need it is vital.”  Pointing to initiatives like the International Federation of Helicopter Associations – formed in 1983 by the HAI and European Helicopter Association (EHA), as a tool for building relationships both within the industry and without, among regulators and politicians as an example.  “Then you have events like EUROPEAN ROTORS, not only do you have all the elements of the industry, which is great, but you have the involvement of EASA, not just as a participant, but as a central part of the organisation of the event”. According to Viola this creates the opportunity to look not only at the technology and what it brings to the industry but also how the technology must evolve to optimise the benefits. Further, how the industry and the regulatory landscape has to adapt to maximise safety and sustainability.”

EUROPEAN ROTORS takes place in Cologne 8-10 November to find out more click here

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