Eimstad named as EpiGuard CEO

By August 5, 2022 People

Michael Eimstad has been appointed as the CEO of EpiGuard, the company behind the EpiShuttle, a single patient isolation and transport system used in the transport of contagious patients. He had previously served as the company’s VP Sales and Marketing.

Commenting on the appointment EpiGuard Chairman, Halvor Vislie said: “The market for transport of contagious patients is maturing as customers gain a more thorough understanding of the importance of building and maintaining a solid national and international preparedness in this field. As industry leaders, the EpiGuard team has worked deliberately to evolve the market from fast-tracked small orders, placed to mitigate acute situations, to strategic purchases to build systematic readiness across the health care sector. Michael has been instrumental in this effort, and with our strategy now bearing fruit he is the natural choice as the company´s new CEO”.

In recent years, EpiGuard has expanded into all continents. EpiShuttles are used by WHO as well as first responders in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Peru, Ireland, Greece, Norway, and Finland. Also, militaries in Belgium, Britain, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway are equipped with EpiShuttles. In the private sector you find EpiShuttles with companies like FAI Air Ambulance, Air Alliance Medflight, DRF Luftrettung, Keewatin Air, Luxembourg Air Rescue, Loganair.

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