MINT Software Systems, manufacturer of training management solutions for aviation, has announced a service agreement with Coptersafety, a helicopter training centre in Helsinki, Finland. The partnership will see the implementation of web-based training management system MINT TMS.

MINT TMS will provide instructors and trainees online access to schedules, electronic grading forms, reports, learning materials and other training-related data. The system is expected to optimise the management of instructor allocation, classroom distribution and the planning of flight simulator schedules. 

MINT Software Systems hopes to provide a quicker training planning process to improve workflow, enhancing the efficiency for instructors and crews in training. The web-based training and qualification management software has been used around the world to optimise the entire process for customers.

“We were looking for a modern, web-based, and highly configurable training planing and qualifications management platform. I believe with MINT TMS, we have found the perfect fit,” said Erkka Suvikumpu, CEO at Coptersafety. “MINT will replace some of our legacy tools and will help to significantly increase the effectiveness and readiness of our entire training organisation.”

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