Even though the world is on lockdown, the Bell Training Academy has remained open for customer training. As long as travel restrictions can be followed, Bell’s pilots and instructors are continuing to offer hands-on flight and maintenance courses that ensure clients have a thorough understanding of helicopter operations.

Bell Training Academy’s pilot instructor Alex Romo hosted Mike McCraw, Captain, USCG (ret), Manatee County Mosquito Control in Palmetto, Florida, stated: “I just completed the Bell 407 pilot course for Manatee County Mosquito Control District located in Florida. My instructor was Alex Romo. I can’t say enough for the quality teaching that I received.” Mike and Alex worked together to build the Captain’s confidence in autorotations. “Specifically, Alex taught to my industry’s flight profile in the helicopter. Knowledge of the FADEC system is something that was foreign to me until completing this course.”
For the Bell Training Academy and Bell employees who made this possible, Mike had this special message. “Thank you for remaining open for business during our Nation’s stressful time dealing with COVID-19. My line of work combating the mosquito population with a Bell 407 was crucial to the county. Hats off to Alex my instructor and the entire crew at the Bell Training Academy for providing a superior learning facility and crew.”

Bell like many training schools has had to adapt its methods following the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual teaching or one-on-one training have become standard procedures for Bell instructors.

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