Bell Textron Inc. has announced the sale of two Bell 429s to two corporate customers in Southeast Asia, demonstrating the Bell 429’s continued popularity among corporate customers who value the aircraft’s reliability, smooth and quiet ride, and Bell’s industry-leading support and services.

With this announcement, there will be close to 15 Bell 429 helicopters serving corporate customers in the region. This sale comes on the back of two Designer Series Bell 429s that were recently delivered to Advanced Flight in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, the company also announced the delivery of a 429 and a signed purchase agreement for another Bell 429, both to customers in Africa.

“We are proud to support our customers in Africa with the Bell 429. With two now operating in South Africa and a third one soon to be operating in West Africa, the aircraft continues to excel across the many market segments for which it was designed. Featuring state-of-the-art technology to provide enhanced safety, comfort, performance and most importantly, reliability, we are confident that these aircraft will help support on whatever their missions entail,” said Sameer Rehman, Managing Director, Africa and the Middle East, Bell.

Caverton Helicopters Limited in Cameroon signed a purchase agreement for the first oil and gas configured Bell 429 in West Africa. Caverton Helicopters is a subsidiary of the Caverton Offshore Support Group Plc (COSG), which is a fully integrated offshore support company providing aviation and marine logistics services to businesses operating in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria and across West Africa.

“Having operated a variety of Bell products across our operations over the years, we are excited to continue with this brand, which is synonymous with safety and excellent performance,” said Captain Bello Ibrahim, Managing Director, Caverton Helicopters. “Introducing the Bell 429 into our fleet is an exciting milestone for us and will enable us to provide the best support for our oil and gas clients across the continent.”

With more than 602,000 global flight hours, there are now 430 Bell 429 in operation, more than 20 of which are in the Middle East and Africa.

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