Airbus Helicopters and VRM Switzerland are co-developing a Virtual Reality (VR) training device for the H145 helicopter. The companies say that this training option will offer H145 operators n compact and affordable training solution will realistic flight modelling as well as 3D vision and high resolution scenery. The programme follows on from the two companies successful 2021 collaboration which led to EASA certification of an H125 training device. “As we did with the H125 VR simulator, our Airbus pilots and experts will work hand in hand with VRM’s team, bringing our OEM experience to this affordable, flexible training solution that will surely answer our customer’s requirements while also adhering to our high standards for operational safety. With this type of simulator, the pilot can enter operational scenarios that would be very risky to attempt in actual flight but which bring significant added value totraining,” says Christoph Zammert, Executive Vice President of Customer Support & Services at Airbus Helicopters. VRM CEO Fabi Riesen added  “Having already successfully logged thousands of training hours with our simulators, we want to make this technology available to H145 operators by developing a VR flight training device for the five-bladed H145.This will allow H145 crews to prepare for their demanding missions with scenario-based training performed in a safe and realistic environment.


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